PS5's DualSense controller launches in two new colors next month

While the PlayStation 5 is still a very difficult console to procure, some of those who have obtained one have been wondering when we might see Sony launch the DualSense controller in different colors. Microsoft has hit the ground running in launching new color schemes for the Xbox Series X|S controller, but so far, the DualSense has only been available in white. That's all going to change next month, when Sony launches two new colors for the DualSense controller.

Sony is playing it fairly safe for the first two DualSense variants, launching them in Cosmic Red and Midnight Black. Unfortunately, those of you hoping to see an answer to Microsoft's electric yellow Xbox controller are going to have to wait, because these DualSense controllers are fairly tame by comparison.

With these two new controllers, we see that all of the parts that would normally be white on the DualSense have been colored differently, while the parts that are normally colored black – the thumbstick and central area below the touchpad, specifically – remain black. The Midnight Black variant is actually somewhat reminiscent of the DualShock controllers of the past, so maybe there are some PlayStation veterans out there who find themselves drawn to this particular model.

It seems that the Cosmic Red and Midnight Black controllers are permanent additions to Sony's DualSense lineup. At the very least, Sony doesn't indicate that these are limited or special edition colors in its announcement today, which suggests that they're here to stay.

The two new colors are up for pre-order today from PlayStation Direct, though they'll be available at other retailers as well when they launch in June. The Midnight Black controller runs $69.99 – the same price as the standard white color – while the Cosmic Red model will be priced $5 higher at $74.99. Both of them are launching on June 11th.