PS5 restock retailers tipped this week: Time to call

A set of retailers are expected to get new stock of the Sony PlayStation 5 this week at Best Buy, Target, Walmart and others. If you're searching for an in-store drop, make a call to your local GameStop first. Target and Best Buy may also get consoles in stock, but it's entirely possible they will not be made available to the general public – depending on store policy.

PlayStation Direct PS5 Restock Date

Given the pattern of releases of the PlayStation 5 straight from Sony's online store, this week would appear to be a likely point of release. Sony does not absolutely require any sort of special invite to buy a console- you'll just need to be quick with the buy button. Sony WILL be sending invites to some – we'll just need to keep an eye on email to track it.

Walmart PS5 Restock Status

It's important to make the distinction on the Walmart site between Walmart proper and reseller listings. Walmart's website sells products from 3rd-party distributors, now. For a product like the PlayStation 5, this means you'll find retailers within the Walmart website that'll have the console available for prices far higher than retail – beware, and know your limits!

Earlier reports from sources like GYXDeals on Twitter suggested that we'd be seeing physical stores – mainly Walmart – that'd have stock of the Sony PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X "by the beginning of August". This does NOT mean that you'll be able to go to Walmart in the next few weeks and demand a console – they won't necessarily have one. But it is POSSIBLE they'll be getting units soon.

Target PS5 Digital Edition stock

Target currently has stock of the Sony PlayStation 5 Digital Edition Console. This stock will go fast, as it has since launch, so by the time you read this article, your time may be short! UPDATE: Link removed as the console has, once again, sold out. We're expecting more stock to appear in small amounts through the week.

Best Buy

Best Buy might be your best bet for a PlayStation 5, as the last time they had listed stock was all the way back on June 29, 2021. Target had new stock on July 12, and Walmart had stock as recent as July 1. Call ahead to your local Best Buy if you're feeling lucky, and don't be shocked to find either recently-sold units or hearty belly laughs from responding employees.