PS5 order delays and Target restock today

If you were one of the lucky few to gain access to a Sony PlayStation 5 order in the recent past, check again. It would appear that some consumers attempting to order from Sony Direct are now getting emails about shipping delays. This isn't particularly uncommon, when it comes to shipping basically anything here as we get closer to the holiday season – but it could be bad news for those hoping to get a PlayStation 5 any time soon.

Today is also a day when the Sony PlayStation 5 is potentially headed to Target stores. This is most likely an online-only release, but it could be worth checking with your local Target store (by phone, first), to see if they'll be releasing any units this afternoon.

We've also gotten word that some GameStop locations will be getting stock at physical stores this weekend. Some stores were sent stock of the PS5 console in both editions as early as Thursday of this week. Make sure you CALL before driving to your local store to see if any consoles will be available in the near future.

Whatever you do, do NOT go to brick and mortar stores demanding that employees allow you to purchase the console if no consoles are available for sale. They do not have access to stock that is not already out on the show floor. Employees at stores like GameStop, Best Buy, Walmart, and Target do not have any more power than the average consumer to gain access to a unit for purchase – as far as we're aware, anyway.

UPDATE: It would appear that some consumers that've purchased PlayStation 5 within the last 30 days are now seeing cancelled ordered via email. Users are also seeing notifications from Sony, having purchased the device via PlayStation Direct, that they've had their orders cancelled without a clear reason. Be sure to double-check your orders!