PS5 and Xbox Series X restock - A new list of ways to check for unit sales

Today we're running down a set of ways to watch for restocks of the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 on the internet and at your local retailer. This is a tricky business, really, watching the web for updates in stores that don't normally handle online quick-attack buys like this, but it's manageable. The most difficult part of this process is retaining your sanity once you realize there's a possibility that you might not get the opportunity to purchase a next-gen console before the end of this year!

A few ways to watch online

If you're looking for updates on stock for the PS5 and related hardware (and games), you might want to follow Wario64 on Twitter. If you're living in the UK, there's a UK-specific (unofficial) account that tracks releases at PS5Stock on Twitter. Also have a peek at PS5Restock_ and ScrubingYT, as well as PS5RestockList on Twitter.

If you're on Discord, you could drop in on an unofficial channel for chat on stock and related topics over at Discord (PS5). Xbox Series X and PS5 stock updates can be found over at YTNextGenGaming on Twitter and with Otis_WC on Twitter.

If you're so extremely desperate to purchase an Xbox Series X or PS5 that you'll pay double retail price (or more), there are always sites like StockX and eBay. Other stores that have Xbox Series X restocks coming at SOME point are: Newegg, Target, Microsoft (the official Microsoft store), Walmart, GameStop, Best Buy, and Amazon.

Local Stores

It would appear that Costco has a bundle that they'll sell on December 14, 2020. That'll include a PlayStation 5 and a bunch of extra bits – but you'll need to be a member.

The latest tip we've heard whispers of for PlayStation 5 restocks at Target was a date – December 15. The time for launch isn't quite so solid. It's not a terrible idea to call individual stores in your area to seek out stock, mind you. There's a real possibility that there'll be consoles in stock but not listed on stock-tracking sites.

Whatever you do, be POLITE to store employees. They are almost certainly being inundated with not only requests for consoles, but the holiday shopping rush that comes this month every single year. This is not a fun situation for anyone to be in – so keep that in mind!