PS4's Free Game PS Plus Trailer Run-Down For September

Welcome to September – in a few days, but as far as Sony is concerned, right this minute. They're bringing on a collection of games that'll be free to download in September just so long as you've got a PlayStation Plus account. Signed up and ready to roll?

The first trailer you're seeing here rounds up the bunch. Evert trailer after takes on the game written about directly above.

Ready to take on the likes of Smash Bros with Sony characters, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is going free for PS Plus members on PlayStation 3 and PS Vita. Prepare for the second iteration soon on PS4, while you're at it.

Sportsfriends will be released for free for PS Plus members on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3. This game has multiplayer action the likes of which we've not seen before on the PS4 – complete with PlayStation Move Controller functionality.

Velocity 2X is being readied for PS Plus free release for PS4 and PS Vita users. This game has puzzle-platforming gameplay as well as a "shooter" genre push.

Hoard is ready for PlayStation 3 exclusively in the PS Plus free September initiative. This game is birds-eye-view strategy action with you taking control of a dragon destroying villages.

TxK is a game ready for PS Plus for PS Vita users. This game is the spiritual successor to the 1994 game Tempest 2000, made for Atari Jaguar. Weird!

Finally there's Joe Danger, a game made for PS Vita and released for free in September for PS Plus members, like the rest of the items on the list above. This game rolls with motorbike action across the ol' West. Nuff said.