PS4 wireless adapter FCC filing teases DualShock 4 PC support

Once upon a time, Sony promised that the DualShock 4 controller would be compatible with PCs. More than two years have passed since and, as of right now at least, you still can't officially use the DS4 with your computer (though unofficial solutions exist). A recently surfaced Sony FCC filing has stoked hopes that things will change soon, with the paperwork detailing a PS4 wireless adapter and a model number that indicates it is related to controllers.

First spotted by DualShockers, the FCC filing shows the model number CUH-ZWA1U, with the "CUH" part being associated with the PS4 and the letter "Z" commonly being found with the console's controllers. The type of equipment is simply listed as a "wireless adapter," which doesn't tell us too much.

However, given the PS4 and controller indicators, it would be reasonable to guess the adapter may be Sony's eventual official way of making the DualShock 4 compatible with the PC. The filing includes a vague sketch of the adapter, which looks like a USB dongle; the filing's specifications further indicate that the adapter is a USB device.

Sony provided the FCC with a sample of the device on April 15 of this year, per the filing, but that's the end of the data available, as all the other info is confidential and kept under wraps. It's not clear what the wireless adapter could be for if not intended to bring DS4 PC support; some have guessed that it may be the for the PlayStaton NEO, but that's yet to be seen.

SOURCE: DualShockers