PS4 update 2.01 inbound to fix software woes

The PlayStation 4 2.0 update arrived in recent days, and with it came many anticipated well as some unanticipated bugs, which have been causing some gamers trouble. Reports about problems started popping up shortly after the update rolled out, with console owners saying they were getting everything from game play issues to connectivity trouble and even volume changes. One particular problem is getting the console to turn back on from rest mode, something which Sony has now announced plans to address.

In a tweet yesterday on the PlayStation Twitter account, Sony announced that another software update — 2.01 — would be heading out to PlayStation 4 owners "soon", and that it will "address issues some users have encountered when powering on the system from Rest Mode".

Presumably it will also address the other issues gamers have had, though Sony hasn't detailed any other particular problems they're targeting, nor when exactly console owners can expect to see the update roll their way.

The 2.0 software update arrived on October 28, and with it came a slew of features including background customization, changes to What's New and the Library area, USB Music Player, improved voice commands, broadcasting improvements, a new Content Area design, and more.

SOURCE: Polygon