PS4 gets Lovefilm streaming in the UK

Shane McGlaun - Nov 29, 2013
PS4 gets Lovefilm streaming in the UK

The Sony PS4 game console has recently launched in the US to high demand and short supply. Sony had previously announced the apps that would be available for launch on the PS4 in the US, including Netflix and Hulu Plus. A new streaming application for PS4 buyers in the UK was announced today.

Amazon announced today that PS4 owners in the UK will be able to access its streaming service called Lovefilm. The official PS4 application for Lovefilm is available right now for download. The app is also available on the PS3, certain Sony Bravia TVs, and some Blu-ray players.

The Lovefilm application allows instant access to movies and TV programs in full HD resolution. The app also supports Dolby Digital Plus 5.1 surround sound. Users of the application can also view content from and manage their Watchlist via the app.

Streaming fans that use the Lovefilm app on multiple devices will appreciate the Whispersync technology that allows you to pick up where you left of on other devices. That means you can start watching the show at home on the PS4 and then pick it up from your last viewed scene on the bus or train on the way to work using another device. Check out our review of the PS4 game console for more details on the hardware.

SOURCE: Lovefilm

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