PS4 Double Game Review: TowerFall Ascension and Strider

Chris Burns - Jul 10, 2014
PS4 Double Game Review:  TowerFall Ascension and Strider

For a relatively limited time – the rest of this month – those with PlayStation Plus will be able to access two most-excellent games on their PlayStation 4 gaming consoles. Today we’re having a brief look at TowerFall Ascension and Strider – aka the rebirth of a couple of classic genres, if you’d be so kind.

TowerFall Ascension

Based in a set-environment not unlike the original Donky Kong or Solomon’s Key, TowerFall Ascension is a glimpse into the past. This game has you take command of one of several archery wizards, set to take on your opponents as they appear in various portals throughout the home screen.


Make certain you’re diving in with a full understanding of how this game works – it’s not just a situation where you fall through the bottom and die. Instead it’s an infinite environment, one where falling through the bottom drops you in through the top.

Firing an arrow means you lose an arrow. Grabbing an arrow from its landing spot means you’ve got an arrow back. Thus is the challenge of TowerFall Ascension.

You’ll get just frustrated enough to want to have your best pal join in with you in this quest. Therein lies the other best feature of this game – it’s one of the first games on PlayStation 4 to feature multiplayer gameplay – believe it or not!


Controlling your hero in Strider is a joy. You’ll be given the right to move forward on the ground, across the ceiling, and up the wall as you bring your sword to the faces of your opponents. Side-scrolling here is just as fun as it is in Guacamelee! – another game on PS4 well worth its salt. The enjoyment we once had playing Aladdin on the Sega Genesis is back with fury.


Strider allows you to swipe and knock at your opponents as you jump above and reverse direction in mid-air. You’ll want to charge your powers up as you run, releasing them as you tap into evil – and start over as many times as you wish.

Hacking and slashing seems simple at first, but three levels of difficulty and digital bad guys that can be intelligent from time to time provide an entertaining dishing of gameplay well worth the cash – especially when it’s free, but once it hits the pay portal come August as well.

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