PS4 and Xbox One cross play silently enabled in Fortnite

It would seem that Sony's aversion to cross play between the Xbox One and the PS4 has come to an end. This whole saga first began when Rocket League developer Psyonix suggested that enabling cross play between the two consoles would be a simple endeavor, with Sony turning around and denying such a move. Ever since then, Sony has declined to open up cross play between the two consoles at every turn.

Now that may have changed, if the investigative work of one Redditor is to be believed. Over the weekend, a Redditor posted to the Fortnite subreddit, claiming to have evidence that cross play between Xbox One and PS4 had been silently enabled. That person says they were playing on PS4 and were matched against someone with a name that should be impossible to have on the PlayStation Network.

Curious, the Redditor flipped on their Xbox One to search the username, and sure enough, the search turned up a result. That same search didn't return anything on PlayStation 4, which suggests that Fortnite has cross-platform play enabled. In the time since then, more posts have been made to the Fortnite subreddit, including this one from a father-son duo that shows them playing in the same match even though one is using a PS4 and the other is using an Xbox One.

So, assuming all of this is legitimate and not just some massive mix up, it would appear that cross play has indeed been enabled in Fortnite. In that case, it's interesting that there hasn't been an official announcement – you'd think that after months of saying no and disappointing players, Sony would want to announce that cross play is possible in Fortnite.

We'll see where it goes from here, but this could potentially be a big win for PS4 and Xbox One players. If Fortnite is intended to remain cross play enabled for Xbox One and PS4, we might just see the same functionality come to Minecraft. Stay tuned, because it'll certainly be interesting to see what happens next.