Rocket League dev ready to roll out PS4, Xbox One cross-platform multiplayer

Rocket League and its developers are ready to change the world once more, with Psyonix saying today that everything is in place to pull the trigger on cross-platform multiplayer between PS4 and Xbox One. Assuming such a feature is allowed to go live, it'll be a big step for the gaming industry, as the online communities for Xbox One and PS4 have previously been cut off from one another.

Psyonix says the roll out of cross-platform multiplayer would take less than a business day to implement worldwide, but there's one final roadblock before the feature launches: Sony. Apparently Microsoft has already given the go ahead to Psyonix, but the developer is still waiting for Sony's permission to go live with cross-platform multiplayer. Speaking to IGN, Psyonix Vice President Jeremy Dunham says that even though he doesn't know when Sony's will give the green light, he's confident that green light will ultimately come.

He also points out that Sony likely isn't holding back because it opposes allowing PS4 owners to play multiplayer games with those on Xbox One, but rather because it wants to make sure everything is good to go with its own network prior to launch. After all, once cross-platform multiplayer launches on Rocket League, both Sony and Microsoft pass a point of no return, as other developers will almost certainly want their games to take advantage of cross-platform play.

With a feature that's sure to be immediately popular with both gamers and developers, it's definitely in Sony's best interest to take its time in identifying any problems that could come from launching cross-platform multiplayer. So, while the feature may not be launching as soon as we'd all like, Sony's delay in giving the go ahead might just mean a more stable experience for those on both PS4 and Xbox One when the feature does go live. Stay tuned, as we'll be keeping our eyes peeled for word from Sony.