PS4 3.5 update brings Remote Play for Mac, PC (but not in beta)

Brittany A. Roston - Mar 1, 2016
PS4 3.5 update brings Remote Play for Mac, PC (but not in beta)

The PlayStaton 4 beta 3.5 update arrives tomorrow, giving those who signed up (and were granted access) several new features including the oft-requested Remote Play feature supporting Mac and PC. Those in the beta will get first-hand access to the features soon, but Sony has detailed what the update includes for all PS4 users to get excited about. Other notable additions include going incognito and direct streaming to Dailymotion.

This update is codenamed MUSASHI, and it brings a total of six changes with it. Most important for most owners is Remote Play, which will work with Mac OS X and Windows — only it won’t be arriving with the beta, so everyone will have to wait longer to check out the feature. The beta will bring the aforementioned Dailymotion live streaming support, though.

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Other features include the ability to go incognito — that is, to set yourself to appear as if you’re offline. This is a small but useful feature for those who like uninterrupted alone time every so often. When you’re incognito, your friends won’t see that you’re online and won’t be able to bother you. The feature will be available in Quick Menu, Profile, and will have an option for appearing offline upon login.

On the flip side of things, there’s a new Play Together feature for Party members to see what other members are playing, making it easier to join them in a particular game. Setting up a play date is also easier with a new user scheduled event function — schedule future sessions with friends through the PS4 system and you’ll see who is on board. Finally, there’s a new ‘friend online’ notification that shows when your friends come online (an optional feature).

SOURCE: PlayStation Blog

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