PS3 to get 3D enabled with Blitz Tech, work in progress

3D technology is taking its toll on Blu-ray player, live sport game and soon will grow into PS3 game console. Not a rumor, source has reveled Sony's plan to support stereoscopic 3D gaming and Blu-ray 3D movies on their bread-n-butter PS3 game console next year with Blitz Games Studios's Blitz Tech 3D engine.

The company CTO said "3D gaming on console is coming and we license the tech." and Sony is intended to implement its Blitz technology, a proprietary technology capable of true stereoscopic 3D games and its game is fully enabled with running backward on 2D mode, into the PS3 console.

Coming next year, if 3D were to make it to PS3, a simple firmware update would take care of the 3D feature. Unlike other consoles, the technology is uniquely fitting in PS3. So there's no worry with hardware compatibility when the technology arrives. Boys and girls, get your goggles ready!

gameinformer via kotaku