NFL first 3D HD Live Game aftermath

How could a NFL game like this gathered so much national attention : a dysfunctional organization vs underachiever at the week lowest possible viewers' broadcast – Thursday night football? Both are the losers' teams of the rich-n-wealthy state of California? No, it was the league historical moment- first ever NFL game shot and live broadcast in 3rd dimensional, and it was aired in HD too. Now that the game was over and since it was broadcasted in selected theaters, and only a few fortunate invitees got to see it; let's see what the viewers thought about the full digital 3D sport.

Yahoo Tech reported few technical glitches here and there; couple feeds were blacked out in the first half of the same, viewings pulling the goggle off due to few weird effect with sudden camera movement and refocusing. Overall; the audiences love the 3D visual effects despite a dull match-up.

What about the polarized glasses and did it work? The Boston media described the technology in detail "Once your eyes adjusted to the glasses, which didn't take long, the visuals were stunning, the picture sharp, and when the graphics came up on the screen, you felt as if you could reach out and pluck them off with your fingers."

The game has not decided the future of 3D sport, but it certainly sparked a few interested parties. The league, team owners and broadcasting committee will meet and discuss the possibility some time before March. Now, guess where the next 3D HD football live broadcast will be? BCS Championship to be held at Miami and live broadcast at CES show 2009! A few lucky us will be there.