NFL to broadcast live game in 3D - Raiders VS Chargers

Not an exciting game I would look forward to, but an extra dimension will be added and broadcasted live in next week NFL's match-up in between Raiders and Chargers. The league has teamed up with 3ality Digital and Real D 3D to bring NFL's first ever live broadcast game in 3D. It will be available at three theaters, one each in the location of Los Angeles , New York and Boston.

The forces behind the technology, 3ality Digital, will be capturing the game with special 3D cameras and transmitting the live feed to the selected theaters. While the Partner in crime, Real D 3D, is in-charging of the production and transmission of broadcast as well as displays set-up in the theaters.

If you happened to be a "Go Chargers" or Raiders fanatic, don't run out to get the goggle or dress up the make-up yet; it's not like you'll be captured in live TV, besides, it's only available to invited guests! Sadly, as usual, the Thursdays game is never meant for everyone.

Well, if you think Al Davis looked horrifying when he fired Kiffin in live broadcast, wait until you see the crazy looking old man in 3D!