PS3 stripped bare

Chris Davies - Nov 13, 2006, 5:02 am CST

There are some people who, lucky enough to get their hands on a PS3 already, are treating it with kid gloves so as to avoid scratching the apparently graze-prone casing (could the PS3 be in fact the original iPod Nano reborn?).  There are others who will immediately get out the screwdrivers and strip the thing down to its blushing circuit-boards.  Thankfully Tech-On! are of the latter persuasion, hence these four videos of them literally unboxing the PS3.  Gruesome stuff!

Make sure you check out the other videos, after the cut…

All that hardware must get hot; here’s how they cool it down:

The mainboard:

Just in case you thought the power-supply and controller were immune:

Tearing Down the PlayStation 3! [Tech-On!]

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