PS2-themed PS5 – Better than the real thing?

Chris Burns - Dec 23, 2020, 4:04pm CST
PS2-themed PS5 – Better than the real thing?

The industrial design of the Sony PlayStation 5 is bold. The base hardware for the past few generations of Xbox and PlayStation have been relatively tame – in their base configuration, anyway. With the PlayStation 5, Sony decided to take a more daring approach, with an extreme bit of industrial design AND a color scheme that made sure every curve was highly apparent. Today a concept redesign of this console delivered an alternate reality – one in all-black.

The Sony PlayStation 5’s standard configuration is a black layer sandwiched between two white segments with blue light accents when powered up. The combination of organic shapes that create the PS5 are such that the console could fit in the modern living room or den with interior design finesse.

The next-generation DualSense Wireless Controllers are similarly black and white with blue light accents. The design is at once bold and subtle. Gone are the multicolored buttons, replaced by white-on-white. The texture grip across the entire controller is comprised of the same shapes used in the controller’s unique designation scheme.

What would it look like if Sony decided that the 30th anniversary of the PlayStation (2024) would be a good reason to give the PS5 a limited edition redesign? Over on the main PlayStation subReddit, user WhatTheElf has given us a peek at a future that might never come to pass.

December of 2024 will mark the 30th anniversary of the original PlayStation. The physical design of this PlayStation 5 includes references to the base design of the PlayStation 2, which was originally released in March of 2000. We’d need to wait a while for another significant anniversary of that console… but who needs another PS1 themed console, anyway?

The important bit here is the fact that the look of this PS2-themed PS5 could draw masses of old-school gamers. As if Sony needed more demand for the PS5 that’s sold out of every store in the world right now!

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