PS Vita Sales Surge Thanks To PS4 Remote Play

When Sony first launched the portable console called the PS Vita it didn't exactly burn up the gaming market. The console wasn't that popular early on due in part to its high price. The Sony portable console is seeing a comeback thanks to a couple of factors.

One of those factors is the PS4 remote play functionality that allows the gamer to turn on their PS4 console remotely and use the Vita as a second screen for some games. The PS Vita launched in December of 2011 giving it about two years on the market.

Another factor that has contributed to improved sales for the PS Vita is the price cut for the portable console. The PS Vita can be purchased for under £150. Reports indicate that the first week the PS4 was available, sales of the Vita grew by 68%.

Sales of the portable console were still up 65% in the second week of PS4 availability. The remote play functionality of the PS Vita gives gamers the graphics power of the PS4 on the screen of the portable console.