PS Vita keeps mobile gaming, PS3 connectivity at heart of US push

As the PlayStation Vita readies its big release here in the United States, we've got more than enough reason to want to pick one up and not stop playing for days on end. And as the advertising world begins to size up the situation, they've decided to target the gamers amongst use with a tendency to not stop playing unless they must. PlayStation Vita is a gaming system that'll allow you to play your PlayStation 3 games at home, convert your save to your PS Vita machine, continue to play, and play again when you're back to your system – there's no need to play outside every again!

For it's truly the everywhere gaming model that Sony is latching onto here, with gamers that want an unending stream of games at their fingertips at the heart of it all. It's not just gaming on the go that these players desire, Sony has decided, its inexpensive gaming, games that can be downloaded and accessed anywhere, all the greatness of the mobile world that's been missing in the hardware world. Smartphones and tablets are the opponents of the PS Vita, so says Sony.

The folks at Interpublic Group of Companies group Deutsch's executive vice president and creative director, mister Jason Elm, spoke with the NYTimes about the campaign they'd whipped up for the current continuation of the worldwide release of the PS Vita. He's got no qualms with wanting the gamers of the earth to plug in and tune out:

"[This campaign's audience is] very socially plugged in, mobile, out and about, both physically and on the Internet. Gaming is no longer playing alone in a basement by one person with one machine; it's all networked." – Elm

The operating system on the device has been suggested as being a viable candidate for additional wireless-data-connected devices as well, with Yoshio Matsumoto, Director of Business and Sony Computer Entertainment SVP, speaking on how this device is just the thin edge of the wedge:

"[Translated:] I'd like to point out that I mentioned the first thing Vita is is a hardware that provides digital entertainment only, and there there is the Vita OS which at the moment is just the OS made to provide it. The OS will continue to provide entertainment of all kinds, and though it's made here to provide for a portable machine the best gaming experience for game enthusiasts, this is the thing edge of the wedge first." – Matsumoto

So what we've got here is the successes of the mobile world in a smartphone-esque operating system running on a fully PlayStation 3 connected handheld gaming powerhouse. It's as if it couldn't possibly fail, yes? We'll see how the PS Vita fares here in the USA after it's been out for an extended period – soon!