PS Plus users get Guardians of Middle Earth free this week

Eric Abent - Feb 4, 2013
PS Plus users get Guardians of Middle Earth free this week

PlayStation Plus users have a new update incoming tomorrow, and if you’re subscribed, it’s one you’ll probably want to pay attention to. That’s because Guardians of Middle Earth – the multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) title based in the Lord of the Rings universe – will be free for members. Guardians of Middle Earth was just recently released too, so PS Plus users are getting a relatively new game on the house with this update.

For those of you unfamiliar with Guardians of Middle Earth, think of it as League of Legends with Lord of the Rings characters. There’s a little more to it than that, of course, but you get the idea. Normally Guardians of Middle Earth is $14.99, so while it isn’t a full retail release, you’re still saving a decent chunk of change by picking this up free.

Guardians of Middle Earth isn’t the only deal on tap though, as Sony will also be offering Karateka for PS3 at 50% off, bringing it down to $5.00. Big Sky Infinity and Knytt Underground, both for PS3 and PS Vita, are also seeing their prices slashed by 40%. Big Sky Infinity has come down to $5.99 for this promotion, while Knytt Underground will be $8.99. It’s worth pointing out that both of titles are cross buy enabled, meaning that if you buy it on one platform, you’ll get it on the other.

As always, you’ll only have access to the free games you download for as long as you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber, which would be the catch to this otherwise great deal. Sony is currently running a promotion on PS Plus memberships, giving three free months to everyone who buys a year. The PS Plus update will be going live on February 5 – are you excited, or does this latest round of deals leave something to be desired?

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