PS Now roster expands with Mass Effect 2, Mirror's Edge

Sony has just made an announcement that will give its gamers a lot more to chew on this coming holiday/gaming season. EA Games has just joined the somewhat still exclusive club of PlayStation Now streaming and as part of that new found friendship, it is making five popular titles for gamers to choose from. All five will be available starting December 2 on all consoles and markets supported by PS Now, for as little as a dollar a day for a whole week.

PlayStation Now brings the concept of game rentals to the 21st century by doing away with corruptible and fragile physical media but keeps the concept of not owning the game. Of course, there are pros and cons to this lifestyle, but Sony is playing on the convenience of no installation or download times to sell the idea. Plus, for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita owners, this is actually the only way for them to get access to games PlayStation 3 titles that are otherwise unvailable to them.

As of last July, there are about 150 titles in the PS Now catalog. EA's arrival adds five more. Included in this batch is Mirror's Edge, Mass Effect 2, Dead Space 3, NBA Jam on Fire Edition, and, wait for it, Bejeweled 3. As mentioned, these games can be rented for a week for as much as $1 a day, though there are other options depending on how long you plan on holding on to the game.

PS Now went into open beta last July for the PS4 and September for the PS3 and still remains in open beta to this day. The streaming service now supports the PS4, the PS3, the PS Vita, the new PS TV, and some very select Sony TVs, but territories are still limited to the US and Canada. Sony says that it is already hard at work at implementing a subscription system, but has not revealed any target date for a public launch.