Proview trademark claims tossed out of US courts

Apple and Proview have been battling in Chinese courts for a long time over trademark claims for the iPad name in China. In the US, Proview claimed that Apple deceived it into the selling rights of the iPad name by saying the trademark was an abbreviation for the company name. Proview sold the rights to Apple for the iPad name for $55,000 back in 2009.

Apple always maintained it had purchased the rights to the iPad trademark globally, while Proview claimed the rights to the iPad name in China weren't part of the deal. Chinese courts were looking like they would side with Proview. Proview brought claims against Apple in the United States attempting to have courts void the sale to prevent Apple from using the iPad name.

The suit against Apple by Proview was kicked out of court on May 4. The decision only recently been disclosed by the court. Apple has offered a settlement with Proview in Chinese courts. Talks between the two companies are still underway at this time and are required a Chinese courts.

[via BBC]