Project Xray is HoloLens' truly first-person shooter

Microsoft shows off a game by the name of Project Xray with their mixed reality headset HoloLens. This video game shows off what virtual reality, augmented reality, and holography can do when mixed implicitly. In this game, users are invited to take part in a first-person shooter in which a new controller is introduced into the HoloLens equation, one where this controller overlays a holographic gauntlet onto its user's hand. From there, monsters begin to emerge from the walls and the blasting begins.

Holographic monsters begin to emerge from behind your couch. They hide inside your closet. They attempt to attack you from behind. But you, wearing Microsoft's HoloLens headset, are equipped to see and destroy.

In this demonstration, the gauntlet weapon is able to draw monsters in – sort of like a Ghostbusters type of deal – and subsequently destroy the lot of them. As the robot monsters begin to get a bit more aggressive, the player brings out a shield – attached to the controller, the same controller used as a weapon.

Project Xray also has a human-sized robot spider in it, fully willing and ready to take out the HoloLens wearer.

This game works with Microsoft HoloLens and is very much in an alpha stage at this point. No known release date. Stay tuned as we continue to cover the many bits and pieces of the Microsoft HoloLens universe.