Project Fi smartphone buyers can now get Nexus Protect plans

Google has been offering the Nexus Protect protection plans for smartphones for a while, at least as long as you didn't buy the smartphone directly from Project Fi. Project Fi is the Google MVNO where Google itself is the carrier for the smartphone network. It's more than a bit weird that you couldn't protect your device from accidents if you bought it directly from Google's own network service.

That has now changed with Project Fi buyers having the chance to purchase the Nexus Protect plan. When purchased via Project Fi buyers get coverage against accidental damage such as broken screens and mechanical breakdown for $5 per month.

Nexus 6P buyers will pay a $99 deductible for repairs or replacements. Nexus 5X owners will need to cough up $69 if they break the device. The Nexus Protect plan itself is a monthly charge of $5 and it seems it stays in effect as long as you pay your monthly fee.

Normally you only have 30 days to decide to buy the protection plan, but Google is dong something cool for previous buyers via Project Fi. Since the plans weren't available until now, customers who purchased their device via Project Fi all the way back to launch can buy the protection plan right now.

SOURCE: Android Police