Project CARS Project Morpheus support a VR herald

While it would seem that virtual reality is going a bit social on one side of the equation, the Project Morpheus at Sony continues to gain gaming steam. Here we're seeing the developers at Slightly Mad Studios extend their love for virtual reality to Project Morpheus. What this means in practice is that once the game is out for PlayStation 4, it'll also (eventually) be ready for use with Sony's virtual reality headset.

Project CARS is one of the games that's lent support to Oculus Rift, as well, having shown demoes as early as late last year. We've also seen this game in motion at this year's CES 2014 in an impressive display that's currently touring along with NVIDIA. Here you'll find Project CARS gameplay with 4K surround vision – three massive 4K Panasonic displays – on an Origin PC with GTC Titan under the hood.

The team at Slightly Mad Studios wants this game to be cross-platform. With Steam, Steam OS, PlayStation 4, Project Morpheus, Xbox One, Wii U, and Oculus Rift under their belt already, it would appear that they're doing pretty well with high-end porting. We must also assume that this is a sign that developers that've already made their games ready for Oculus Rift are able to relatively easily make ready their games for Project Morpheus.

If this is the case, there's one whole heck of a lot of VR awesomeness that's potentially getting prepped behind the scenes by a variety of developers. Over at RiftEnabled alone you'll find a cool 455 games that work with Oculus Rift right now.

Above you're seeing on Oculus Rift game called The Town of Light – largely environment-based. Below you're seeing another Oculus Rift game called Radical Heroes – a bit more of a pixel-packed piece of work.

We'll be chatting with a number of developers over the coming weeks regarding their involvement in the virtual reality landscape, especially now that names like Sony and Facebook are accelerating production. We'll be diving in, the lot of us, sooner than you expect!