Project Ara hardware now available to lucky Devs

Project Ara was always thought of as a product we'd not see for many years. to their credit, Google has scaled it quickly, even having a (sort of) working model at Google I/O. Now, those interested in making modules for Ara can sign up for the development board.

The boards, which Google showed off at their Developer conference for Ara in April, are now available in a seemingly limited quantity. Google says "it is designed to help with prototyping and development of modules for the Ara platform, including modules for the current (first) prize challenge that we formally announced at Google I/O."

We should note this is for Ara hardware, not software. From that we can ascertain Google is kicking their hardware aspirations into overdrive, letting those with some insight develop modules for it. Though the project is in its early days, it's rapidly scaling to find favor with Developers.

If you're interested, the first round of applications must be submitted by July 17 (link below). The next review period ends exactly a month later. If approved, Google will ship the boards later this month, and they encourage companies to limit their requests, and focus on "a designated technical lead who has experience with embedded boards." No word on how many boards Google is making available.

Source: Project Ara