Pro drum kit mod into full-size Rock Band controller

Chris Davies - Jan 11, 2008, 11:37am CST

Brett Dawson is heavy-handed with his game controllers.  However, since he’s a drummer and his game of choice is Rock Band, we can excuse him, especially when he solves the issue with a professional drum kit converted into a controller.  Brett painstakingly transferred the piezoelectric cells that pick up the drum vibrations from Harmonix’ own more toy-like setup to his pro kit, added a wired-up kick-pedal and finally a screen (protected by a sheet of Lexan).


 Rock Band pro drumkit controller mod

Does the whole thing work?  Oh yes, in fact it’s tough enough that Brett will be taking the kit to Otronicon, held January 18-21, 2008 at Orlando Science Center in Orlando, Florida, and letting stick-twirling members of the public batter seven shades out of it.

Ultimate Drum Kit [via Kotaku]

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