Pro Drum Kit Mod Into Full-Size Rock Band Controller

Brett Dawson is heavy-handed with his game controllers.  However, since he's a drummer and his game of choice is Rock Band, we can excuse him, especially when he solves the issue with a professional drum kit converted into a controller.  Brett painstakingly transferred the piezoelectric cells that pick up the drum vibrations from Harmonix' own more toy-like setup to his pro kit, added a wired-up kick-pedal and finally a screen (protected by a sheet of Lexan).


Does the whole thing work?  Oh yes, in fact it's tough enough that Brett will be taking the kit to Otronicon, held January 18-21, 2008 at Orlando Science Center in Orlando, Florida, and letting stick-twirling members of the public batter seven shades out of it.

Ultimate Drum Kit [via Kotaku]