Printable Lieca M3 Pinhole Camera Revealed

It's not often that you can get a masterpiece of a DSLR, a point and shoot, or even a cameraphone made entirely of paper these days. Not that you were EVER able to get these things made of paper, but you sure as heck can now. Designer Matt Nicholson has revealed his "making the desirable accessible through an A4 printer" and it's time for you to get your origami on.

Here it is, the entirely-paper-made 35mm Lie-ca M3, a camera that from afar appears to be quite the classy number, able to take the nicest of photos from an around your neck position with style. What you're going to get instead is a printed paper object that's part of a collection of status-symbols as made available by designer (and artist) Matt Nicholson, a fellow who doesn't take the folding of fine printed paper for granted.

This object, though it doesn't at first appear to be able, is fully ready to take pinhole-grade photos using only its paper self and a standard roll of film. You'll have to be careful you don't leak in too much light though – tape may be your friend! That said, a pinhole camera such as this has never before seen such classy digs – look at that fine detail!

Matt's project also currently includes a 2011 Fauxlex (Rolex) Submarinar 5512 watch, a Bespoke suite, and a pinhole CCTV camera kit, amounts an ever-expanding collection. Each of these items is made as a pattern that you can download, print up, cut out, and create on your own. Cant wait for the rest!

[via Yanko Design]