PP003 pico-projector slips under the $100 barrier

Chris Davies - Nov 18, 2010
PP003 pico-projector slips under the $100 barrier

We’re used to pico-projectors being small in the pocket but heavy on the wallet, but the PP003 actually manages to slip in under the all-important $100 mark. Up at $99.99 on Amazon, the downside is a mere QVGA resolution, though you do at least get an onboard media player with memory card slot, AV input and USB Host functionality.

With the right cable – not included – you can hook up an iPhone or iPod, too, for impromptu drive-in sessions. Battery life is rated at up to 90 minutes, and you can project up to a 54-inch picture (though expect some significant fuzziness at that sort of scale). No threat to your local cinema, but if you’ve been looking to entertain the kids but put off by the usual pico-projector price tag, this one might fit the basic bill.

[via PicoProjector-Info]

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