Powertrekk water-powered smartphone charger priced and dated

We've spoken about the Powertrekk a couple of times before, but up until now we've seen not hide nor hair of the release date or the cost – and what more do we want than a water-powered battery charger that works via USB? We want it actually released to the public! That's why news from Powertrekk that the device will be coming out this spring and at a cool $229 plus $12 per "puck" comes as a welcome addition to the legacy of water-powered batteries everywhere.

This type of technology doesn't come cheap, as you can see, but what we're getting here is more than just a simple bit of science fiction made real. The Powertrekk actually takes the hydrogen in water and turns it into electricity with myFC's "FuelCellSticker" technology. The group myFC is a fuel cell technology company that specializes in solutions for powering portable electronics, and will certainly be a team to watch in the coming years for mobile devices. The device works by converting hydrogen into electricity with a Proton Exchange Membrane by the name of PEMFC – the PEMFC sits between a cathode and an anode, the latter reacting with the water and the hydrogen gas separating into protons and electrons. The membrane has the protons conducted to the cathode while the electrons move along a circuit and – poof! Electrical current charges your device.

The "Powerpukk" fuel pack (the $12 bit here) will eventually wear out because of this process, but is 100% recycle friendly so you can keep that smile green! The battery that's charged is able to move a current of 1500mAh over an hour and will work fine connected to your mobile device just so long as it's got compatible charging requirements. For example an iPhone will work, but a tablet of most any size will not work. We'll be looking to test this device out in the coming months – get wet!

[via Electronic Products]