PowerA goes pro with new MOGA controller

Eric Abent - Jan 8, 2013
PowerA goes pro with new MOGA controller

If you’re a mobile gamer, there’s a pretty good chance you’re familiar with the MOGA pocket controller for Android. Born out of a desire to provide gamers with a better method than typically spotty touch controls, the MOGA controller has made a name for itself in the mobile gaming space. In fact, many of you will remember a little incident from late last year, in which PowerA decided to offer the MOGA controller free for 24 hours. The rush to claim one was so great that it ended up crippling PowerA’s website within minutes of the promotion’s kick off, so it’s safe to say that the MOGA controller has found success with Android gamers.

Not content with simply offering a physical controller for Android, PowerA today introduced the world to the MOGA Pro Controller, a new version of the MOGA that brings us even closer to console-quality controls. The MOGA Pro Controller is somewhat similar to the original MOGA, except this time around, PowerA seems to be offering even more features. With the Pro Controller, you’ll be getting “full-sized console-style grips,” four face buttons, a d-pad, dual analog sticks, two triggers, and two shoulder bumpers.


Little surprise there, considering a similar layout helped make the original such a success. With the MOGA Pro, however, PowerA is also offering rechargeable batteries, Bluetooth sync, and a tablet stand so you can game comfortably on larger devices that wouldn’t fit in the controller’s smartphone clamp. A USB cable is included to recharge your batteries, and of course, the Pro Controller comes with support for MOGA’s existing ecosystem.


It sounds like a pretty cool controller for mobile gamers, but we’ve got a bit of a wait ahead of us before this bad boy becomes available. PowerA says it won’t begin shipping the MOGA Pro Controller until sometime in spring 2013, so it’ll be at least a few more months before you can pick one up. PowerA also hasn’t announced a price yet, but considering the original MOGA comes with a price tag of $49.99, we can probably expect the Pro to be a bit more expensive. Stay tuned for more details, and be sure to keep it here at SlashGear for more from CES 2013!

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