Portal Ported To Android In Homebrew Edition

One of the most interesting first person action puzzle games to bend physics in the past 10 years has been ported – sort of – to Android. This game goes by the name Portal – perhaps you've heard of it – and what you're going to see is just the first level of many, many levels to come. The game centers around your ability to move through portals (in one end, out the other,) and this port proves that even though they're missing quite a bit of the graphics action, they can, indeed, do it.

This build is also completely unofficial, so don't expect a full build any time soon, especially not from the folks at Valve (the developers of the Portal series.) Having literally just played the first dozen levels of Portal 2 again earlier this week, I must say – this does look rather exciting. Should these rogue developers be able to produce the Portal series in its entirety, Android might just become home to a whole new breed of PC game lovers.

This game has been ported on Unity Engine and give a quick hands-on video here courtesy of the folks who plan on bringing GLaDOS to us via the mobile environment anew. You can find the pre-developed apk file for this game in the same forum post the video originated in, but I and we warn you: take caution. There's no telling whether this build will do good or evil to your device. Instead it'd be best to wait for a further build down the line, much safer that way.

[via DroidGamers]