Portal for Android gameplay demoed on NVIDIA SHIELD

This week at PAX East, NVIDIA showed off the fruits of their latest collaboration – working with Valve to bring the original Portal game to Android. More specifically to NVIDIA SHIELD, you'll see this game being demonstrated on the handheld gaming system. Up close and personal, it would appear that this game is near completion – ready to launch, as it were.

This game will be delivered on NVIDIA SHIELD first for two reasons. First – because NVIDIA worked directly with Valve to move the game from PC to Android. Second – because NVIDIA SHIELD has physical controls, allowing Portal to take to the device like a fish to water.

It's still not clear exactly when the game will be released, but seeing this game working as close to final as it is here, we must assume it's close. Unless they've only developed the first few levels – and it doesn't work like that, so no worries!

Stick around as NVIDIA's presentation continues today and PAX continues through the weekend. We'll be having a peek at additional games, video, and oddities galore as the event series goes on.