Portable Voice Stress Analyzer lets you know whose pants are on fire

Occasionally it seems like you're surrounded by unreliable and completely untrustworthy people. If you're feeling extra paranoid concerned you might need this handy gadget to decipher who you can trust and who is lying through their teeth.

This highly portable device is small enough to slip into your purse or pocket. It simply works by measuring the tremors in the audio signal from the vocal cords. It then assesses how honest your friends are.

Unfortunately the site doesn't list the percentage of accuracy. Basically, it means you have a gadget that is likely going to end up driving you crazy and result in you pointing your finger at the wrong person. Its generally best just to wait it out, it's less messy and it is way more entertaining when they end up giving themselves away.

Portable Voice Stress Analyzer: Paranoia Goes Mobile [via nerdapproved]