Porsche shuns Android Auto for Apple CarPlay in new 911

While both CarPlay, from Apple, and Android Auto, from Google, are gaining more and more support these days from a variety of car manufacturers, sports car maker Porsche has decided to go with only one for its new flagship 911 models. The upcoming 911 Carrera and 911 Carrera S will only have support for Apple's infotainment system, as, according to Motor Trend, Porsche felt that Google's system required the gathering of too much data about the vehicle.

The Android Auto user agreement requires vehicle manufacturers to allow the system to collect data including car speeds, throttle position, engine revs, oil and coolant temperatures, and more, and then send it to Google. Apple's CarPlay, on the other hand, only communicates with the car to see if it's in motion, a simple process to ensure driver safety.

Motor Trend suggests there are two reasons Porsche passed on such requirements. The first is that the company is obviously protective about the data behind its iconic sports cars, and the second is concerns over the fact that Google is actively developing their own car, albeit a self-driving model.

There's been explanation of exactly what Google is doing with all the data collected from vehicles using Android Auto. It seems hard to be believe that data such as engine revs or throttle position help improve the infotainment's use of music and messaging apps. In any case, it seems to have worked out in Apple's favor, at least when it comes to one car manufacturer.

SOURCE Motor Trend