Porsche rolling out Porsche Classic Centers around the world

There are several ways you can go about getting your hands on a classic Porsche sports car. You can try and restore your own or you can pay one of the big restorers to fix your Porsche up for you. A new option is coming online with Porsche announcing that it is planning on opening more Porsche Classic Center. The German sports car maker will open a few certified facilities around the world.

Porsche says that more than 70% of the vehicles that were ever produced by the company are still running today. To ensure that these cars keep operating, Porsche has announced that it is setting up an international dealer and service network for these cars.

The goal is to have 100 centers to reach completion by 2018. Porsche owners will have access to a number of services from these facilities. Services include a supply of over 52,000 different original spare parts. The centers will also offer full and partial overhauls and repair and maintenance work.

The centers will also sell classic cars. There are currently 24 Porsche Classic Partners around the world with ten of that number in Germany. Other locations will be opened in the future including new locations under development in the US.

SOURCE: Porsche