Porsche grabs a stake in Rimac for future EV sports cars

Shane McGlaun - Jun 20, 2018, 6:52am CDT
Porsche grabs a stake in Rimac for future EV sports cars

Rimac is a company that is from Croatia and is working on making some insanely fast electric sports cars. The Rimac C_Two, for instance, can hit 60 mph in an incredible 1.85 seconds. Porsche has bought a 10% minority stake in Rimac and it would be easy to imagine Porsche sports cars using some Rimac tech in the future.

Rimac has done some things that are very impressive other than that insane 0-60mph time the C_Two offers. One of the coolest is the 250-kW fast charging system that can give the car 80% battery charge in only 30 minutes. Rimac has also managed to give its EV a top speed of 412 kp/h.

Porsche Deputy Chairman of the Executive board and board member Lutz Meschke says that Rimac has demonstrated its credentials in the field of electromobility “impressively.” He also notes that Porsche feels that the company’s ideas and approaches are “extremely promising” citing that as a reason Porsche wants a close relationship in the form of a development partnership.

Rimac currently has 400 employees and focuses mainly on high-voltage battery tech, electric powertrains, and digital HMI. Rimac’s CEO says that the partnership is in progress in the field of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems.

Along with impressive performance, Rimac’s C_Two also has effective aerodynamic components for efficiency and performance, it has a flat underside with a venturi tunnel for downforce.

SOURCE: Porsche

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