Porsche-designed Sagem P’9521 cellphone – hefty in build and price

Chris Davies - Oct 19, 2007

With my addiction to candy shoelaces I can’t afford a pair of toffee shoes to go with them, never mind a Porsche, but that iconic brand name could be within even my reach once Sagem’s P’9521 cellphone, designed by the car company, goes on sale.  Crave UK took to the wheel (metaphorically speaking) and came away reasonably impressed: the fingerprint reader beneath the screen also works as a handy scroll, there’s a 3.2-megapixel camera and you can rotate the top section around to hold it in a more traditional camera fashion.


 Porsche-designed Sagem P'9521 cellphone

However, it’s not all slick tires and agile roadholding: the dual-LED flash is still underpowered compared to the latest xenon technology found on rivals, and if you’ve got weak wrists then you may want to do some exercise before picking the P’9521 up since it weighs in at a hefty 137g (thanks to all that aluminium and mineral glass).

Most shocking, though, is the price – Sagem are saying £800 ($1,627) without contract – and while you couldn’t get the keys to a new Porsche for that, you could get a decent PC.  I think I’ll stick to the shoelaces.

Hands on with the Porsche P’9521 [Crave UK]

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