Porsche 911 Carrera 4S "5M" built with crowdsourced specs

To celebrate having scored 5 million followers on Facebook, Porsche gave those followers the chance to provide input on a special edition 911 Carrera 4S called the 5M Porsche 911. After quite a bit of input, the vehicle has been built and shown off on Facebook in a gallery of images. Now those same users are being given a chance to get behind the wheel of the car via a contest that ends later this month.

The crowd-sourced 911 is an interesting Aquablaumetallic color that is from Porsche Exclusive, and comes alongside some fairly prominent white-and-pinstripe 20-inch Carrera S wheels. Along the side of the car is an emblem proclaiming the car to be the 5M edition, and another is inside in the form of a dashboard engraving that reads: "Personally Built by 5 Million Porsche Fans."

Says Porsche, the 5M 911 has an Aerokit Cup that offers a new front apron style with a "distinctive" spoiler lip in the front and a fixed wing on the rear spoiler. The design itself was made to boost the down-force on both axle, as well as to make the car handle better at faster speeds. In addition, as you can see in the gallery below, the special edition 911 also features blue illuminated panels on the inner door sill guards.

Furthermore, Porsche is taking this initiative another step and giving someone (and a friend of their choosing) the opportunity to get behind the wheel of the 5M 911 Carrera 4S on the Silverstone racetrack in Britain. The method for winning the distinction is pretty simple: Facebook users just need to agree to the terms and let Porsche tally how many Porsche Fans they have in their friends list.

The person in the contest who has the highest number of Porsche fans in their friends list will win. Those who don't win can still end up being a runner-up, however, with nine such individuals each scoring a 1:43-scale model of the special edition Porsche. The contest ends in just a tad over 12 days, so if you're interested, hit up the link below.

VIA: Auto Blog

SOURCE: Facebook