Popcornflix Streaming Service Hits 5 Million Viewer Downloads

There are a bunch of different movie streaming services out there. The most popular is Netflix. Movie streaming service Popcornflix has announced that it has hit a viewer download milestone. The company has announced that it has now reached 5 million viewer downloads.

Popcornflix had 400000 users in June of 2012. By March of 2013, the company had 1 million downloads. The uptick in downloads was certainly helped by its application launching on multiple platforms including the Xbox 360. It took the Popcornflix about 9 months to grow from 400,000 users to 1 million. In the next nine months, the company added about 4 million additional users.

Popcornflix is a free movie streaming service that is available on a number of devices. Most of the films on the service appear to be independent movies. However, some of the films the service offers do have major actors in them.

The service offers multiple film genres and a search system to help you find the movie you want to see. Popcornflix says that the next market they intend to push into is Connected TVs. The company hopes to hit the 10 million customer downloads mark within a year.

SOURCE: Popcornflix