Popcorn Hour A-110 & B-110 Media Tanks: As Impressive As The Original

Popcorn Hour's latest version of their 1080p play-anything media streamer, the A-110, has made its way onto the DigitalReviews test bench, and it's brought some company: the B-110 is a Mini-ITX version of the A-110 hardware, and intended for AV enthusiasts who want to build a system around the Media Tank's abilities.  Interestingly, rather than deciding that the A-110 replaces the original A-100, review Paul Moons suggests that the two streamers have sufficient differences to be of interest to different groups of buyers.

Where the A-110 adds DTS decoding and support for SATA hard-drives – and both work well – if you want to use an older IDE drive and have a hardware amplifier capable of DTS decoding then the A-100 is probably more suited.  Meanwhile, the B-110 is a potentially expensive but capable starting point for AV system builders, scuppered somewhat by crippled ports.

Popcorn Hour intend to sell the A-100 alongside the A-110, and there's only $35 between them.  Short of a full media center PC, these little streamers are looking to be the best way to enjoy digital content on your HDTV.