Pop Video iPhone projector beams qHD for $99

The idea of the pico projector is a novel one, but often the low resolution and poor light output makes them not entirely practical. That hasn't stopped Samsung from creating a whole phone based around the idea, and now there's an accessory for iPhone fans that should hopefully fare better than past offerings. The Pop Video projector attaches to the iPhone using the 30-pin dock connector, and can output at a qHD resolution.

The device will throw a 960x540 image, a nice improvement over the low resolutions you find on other products. While it plugs into the dock connector, it has its own internal battery that should be good for up to two hours of video playback. When you're done, you can recharge it using a standard microUSB cable.

It's compatible with the iPhone 4/4S, and third/fourth-generation iPod Touch. Price wise it's relatively affordable at $99, with similar accessories commanding a higher price for a lower resolution image. Micron also offers a free app for the projector that will help you tweak the image as necessary. Careful though: there's no internal speaker, and while the iPhone's is better than average, you may want to output to something with a little more power to get decent sound.

No word yet on when the Pop Video projector will ship, but take a peek at the amazing promo video below in the meantime.

[via CNET]