Polar Vantage V2 sports watch revealed with new design and power

The Polar Vantage V2 was revealed with a "stunning lightweight premium design" right out the gate. This device has advance performance testing and splits its focus between training, recovery, and "life." This smartwatch works with the full suite of Polar service as well as your average everyday smartwatch features.

This watch is 52-grams heavy – that's 21% less than the Polar Vantage V. This includes a full aluminum case and a battery that they've suggested will last up to 40 hours (or 100 hours with a new power save option). The watch also rolls with wrist-based heart rate monitoring and Polar Precision Prime tech.

The watch includes a new Running Performance Test, with both "Submaximal" and "Maximal" test options. This system works with Max VO2 estimate, HR, aerobic power, and aerobic speed. Heart rate, speed, and power zones are included with this Running Performance Test. Another new Performance Test includes a focus on FTP – Functional Threshold Power. This test works with FTP value, V02 Max estimate, and W/kg values.

There's a new Leg Recovery Test that tests "how well your leg muscles have recovered" and will tell the user when they're ready for speed or strength training. This test is done without any specialist equipment (aside from the watch.) Training Load Pro is present with this watch, separating the user's workout training load into three parts: Cardio stress, Muscle stress, and Perceived (subjective feeling).

Sleep Tracking appears on this watch to track Light, Deep, and REM sleep. This system allows the user to understand the "quality components of your sleep." The user gets a detailed breakdown of the quality of their sleep through the Polar app. The Polar App uses the watch to deliver Nightly Recharge information in great detail.

Using information gained from sleep tracking and previously run training, the new watch can provide daily guidance. Workouts "match with your recovery, fitness level, and training history." This watch also works with Fuelwise and Energy Sources to make sure the user stays hydrated, and stays stocked with carbs for energy.

This version of the watch includes music controls when connected to your iPhone or Android device. That'll control your "primary media player" on your device. This watch has a new set of watch faces that show different sets of fitness information – you'll be able to customize the look of this watch in ways never before available on a Polar smartwatch.

The Polar Vantage V2 price is approximately $500 at launch. That's for the most basic version of the watch. If you'd also like the Polar H10 heart rate sensor, you'll find the device package available for approximately $550. NOTE: It would appear that the price will be approximately 500 Euro and 550 Euro, too.

Pre-sales start on October 7, 2020, in Black, Green, and Grey-Lime. Alternate straps for the watch will be available in a variety of colors for approximately 35 Euro. Colors include Black, White, Rose-Blum, Red, Grey-Lime, and Green.