Polar Grit X smartwatch released for high-end rugged fitness

Chris Burns - Apr 22, 2020, 9:00am CDT
Polar Grit X smartwatch released for high-end rugged fitness

The Polar Grit X was revealed today in a world where any that’s not bad news is good news, and here the good news is a smartwatch. The Polar Grit X works with a circular full color display, and several hardware buttons (so you’ll not be worrying about difficult-to-control touchscreen business when you’re wearing gloves, and such.) Unlike some competitors, this watch is focused largely on Smart Coaching, wellness, and exercise.

This is not your everyday average smartwatch. It’s not made to compare directly to the Apple Watch – it’s more like a very, very smart fitness watch. That includes connectivity and functionality with systems like Polar Precision Prime (for heart rate tracking), FitSpark training guide for daily workout regiments, and Training Load Pro to “quantify the strain of your training session.

This device works with “outdoors-specific” features aplenty, including connectivity with your smartphone for weather readings and 2-day forecast, and Komoot for turn-by-turn guidance (with built-in GPS). With a built-in altimeter and “Hill Splitter” the user can see performance through ascents and decent sections of their chosen workout route.

This watch also works with a collection of apps right out the box, including all of those listed below:
– FitSpark
– Polar Precision Prime
– Night Recharge (sleep tracking)
– Training Load Pro
– Sleep Plus Stages (more sleep tracking)
– Serene (guided breathing exercise)
– Running Power
– Hill Splitter
– Komoot
– FuelWise
– The official Polar Flow app

The battery life might be the biggest selling point for those users who wish to go hiking or camping with a watch such as this. Polar suggested at launch that this device could last up to 40 hours of “continuous training” complete with GPS and wrist based heart rate functionality. Polar went on to suggest that the watch could last “up to 100 hours” so long as “multiple power save options” were employed.

The ruggedness of this watch was tested with (and passed) US military-grade tests for extreme temperature, drop (dropped from a height, still survived), and humidity. The MIL-STD-810G grading for this device does not mean you can toss it off a mountain, but dropping the watch when you take it off your wrist at night, a fall of 4 feet to your hardwood floor should do no damage. You can get this watch wet, but don’t go swimming with it.

Three sizes will be made available for the Polar Grit X, including Small, Medium, and Large. The small has one quoted wrist circumference size at 130-185 mm, while both medium and large are quoted as wrist circumference 155-210 mm. All versions of this watch come with built-in GPS, compass, altimeter, and rugged resistance to the elements.

This watch could now be considered the highest-end Polar smartwatch, while a collection of less expensive wearables remains available in Polar’s online store right this minute. You’ll find the Polar Grit X available in black and green in Medium and Large, and in white for sizes Medium and Small. Pricing starts at around $430 USD, and they’ll be available very soon, if not immediately, through Polar (dot com) online – and likely at your local retail outlet, if we ever get out of quarantine.

Users will be able to purchase replacement bands in black, white, and green, all in silicon, for approximately $30 each. There’ll also be Blue Paracord, Red Paracord, and Green Tundra textile accessory bands for approximately $40. One leather accessory band will cost you approximately $50.

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