Pokemon Unite released for Nintendo Switch today, iOS and Android soon

The game Pokemon Unite was released for Nintendo Switch today, available for download for free from the start. This game will eventually be cross-platform, with iterations appearing on Android and iOS devices in September of 2021. The game is a 5v5 multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game, developed by TiMi Studio Group, and users can download the first release for Nintendo Switch devices right this minute.

Each battle begins with players choosing a single Pokemon with which they will battle. Pokemon can evolve during battles, learn moves during battles, and can hold special items that enhance their abilities. Pokemon can hold up to three items during a battle, and there'll be "over 15 types of held items" available at launch.

Battles will include real human-controlled opponent Pokemon as well as "wild Pokemon." Each time a Pokemon is defeated, it drops Aeos energy. Players collect Aeos energy then deposit said energy in their opponents' goal zones to score points for their team.

This game will include in-game rewards for winning battles that will unlock rewards like new Pokemon, outfits for players' in-game trainer (avatar), and "Holowear" for their Pokemon. This game will make its money with "Aeos gems" that can be purchased with real-world cash. Aeos gems can be used to unlock rewards, as well.

This game's producer is Masaaki Hoshino, and it was developed by TiMi Studio Group. Pokemon Unite's Nintendo Switch publisher is (as you might've guessed) Nintendo, while the Android and iOS versions of the game will be published by The Pokemon Company.

The Pokemon Unite overview page has a link to the Nintendo Switch version of the game and will eventually have links to the iOS and Android versions of the game. Again, the Android and iOS versions of the game are scheduled to appear in September of the year 2021 – and we're hoping that sticks!