Pokemon Sword and Shield expansion pass details revealed in event this week

Those of you looking forward to the expansion pass for Pokemon Sword and Shield will want to be up bright and early tomorrow, as The Pokemon Company is going to be sharing new information on it. Details are still light at the moment, but we can probably expect that most of tomorrow's announcement will focus on the first of two expansions in the Pokemon Sword and Shield expansion pass: The Isle of Armor.

That's because The Isle of Armor is due out sometime in June, or at least it was before the coronavirus pandemic brought most industries to a screeching halt. Hopefully we'll learn tomorrow whether or not The Isle of Armor has been pushed back because of the outbreak and – either way – get a release date for the expansion pack.

The Pokemon Company Japan announced tomorrow's reveal in a tweet published today. At the time of this writing, the official Twitter account for The Pokemon Company International hasn't made a similar announcement (and in fact hasn't had any activity since May 28th), but regardless, that tweet says the new information will be revealed at 10 PM Japan time, so 9 AM EDT/6AM PDT.

The Pokemon Sword and Shield expansion pass was first announced back in January, with The Isle of Armor being joined by a second expansion called The Crown Tundra sometime this fall. Together, the expansions will add more than 200 Pokemon that were previously missing from the Galarian Pokedex, so expect to see some fan favorites returning for this DLC.

Both expansion packs will also take us to new regions and add new characters, so it sounds like the expansion pass will add quite a bit of content. We'll let you know what The Pokemon Company and Game Freak announce tomorrow, so stay tuned for more.