Pokemon Radar Downloads: The App Everyone Is Cheating With

Cheating at Pokemon GO isn't especially difficult, as a rabble of Android and iOS developers will tell you this week. Today the quickest rising app on either app store is an app called "Poke Radar" which, as you'll soon find out, isn't what it suggests it is. It works just how it says it's supposed to, but if you're looking for a Pokemon Radar that works, you'll need to look elsewhere. Meanwhile, there's an app called "Poke Scanner" that'll do just what you want it to.

The use of 3rd-party apps to scan areas larger than you'd normally be able with your own body holding a phone with Pokemon GO is forbidden. It's against the game's original specifications, that is. Users agree to this when they first download and load the app Pokemon GO. Of course as it is with all popular video games, if there's a way to cheat, they're going to cheat.

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We do not recommend doing this. Cheating is bad. Not only will you risk getting your own account banned from Pokemon GO, you'll be ruining the game for everyone playing according to Niantic's official rules.

Poke Radar does not necessarily break the rules. This app is just very well placed in either app store as a Pokemon GO Radar. It does not work automatically – it requires that users place markers on maps manually. It's made for sharing information about the area around one's self.

The app Poke Scanner (as seen below in GIF form) – has its own Reddit community where it can be downloaded. This app provides users with a live map of Pokemon inside a given radius.

Poke Scanner is very, very accurate. Users that sign up for and use this app with their main account will very, very likely be banned from play in the future.

Also I'ma let you finish but I just need to say that it's too bad that The Pokemon Company and Niantic and etc aren't down with the idea of a 3rd-party radar scanner for Pokemon because Zubat would be the best icon of all time. But that's sonar not radar and no business of mine.

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