Pokemon ORAS trailer details "Legion of Legendary Pokemon"

This week we're getting the most detail-heavy – yet short – trailer in the Pokemon Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire collection since the game was first revealed. In this trailer you'll see how you can transfer Glalie from the special demo version of the game. You'll see a note on the Delta Episode. You'll see Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf. You'll see so many Legendary Pokemon your head will spin! It's time for you Hoenn fans to "prepare to embark on an incredible journey," so says the Pokemon company.

You're about to pass out from excitement from seeing Deoxys, and you know it. Don't blame me for showing you this trailer, sir or ma'am, you knew the risk before you got in here. Then you'll be seeing how the Hoenn region is about to be hit by a giant asteroid. Thats right, a giant asteroid, headed straight for your favorite region.

And if that were't enough, you're going to need to "stop the schemes of team Aqua and team Magma as well. They'll never quit! Not unless you stop them yourself!

You're going to need to fight – literally in the sky – with Mega Rayquaza. You've never done that before – not in 3D, you haven't.

There's a new character here too – forget everything you knew about Hoenn! Here's Zinnia! She's coming to tear down your entire understanding of the Pokemon universe!

Zinnia will change the way you think about what you're thinking about doing. This game goes deep.