Pokemon GO VS Let’s Go: Details and a brand new monster!

Chris Burns - Jun 1, 2018, 11:44 am CDT
Pokemon GO VS Let’s Go: Details and a brand new monster!

Still reeling from the news that the Nintendo Switch game Pokemon Let’s Go will be an extension of Pokemon GO? You’re not alone. We’re running through the latest announcements and clarifications on what this game will bring to the public, what it’ll mean to already have a Pokemon GO account now, and what the new Pokemon will be – and how you’ll get it!

• The New Pokemon

Near the end of the first demo video for Pokemon Let’s Go, there’s mention of a new Pokemon. As clarified today by an official Pokemon Company Representative, this is indeed a Pokemon that’s not been in any Pokemon game ever before! Maybe something Hoopa brought from a different dimension? Perhaps a newly discovered Pokemon that’s never been clued in, ever, on any Pokemon property?

No matter where it comes from, this Pokemon won’t appear for players of just Pokemon GO or Pokemon Let’s Go. You’ll need to be BOTH. This new Pokemon will appear for players when their two accounts are paired – at least, that’s the plan for now. Let us know if you find out who this new Pokemon will be!

• Do I need both?

One does not need to buy both Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee and Pikachu. They won’t offer any different Pokemon in-game. The only difference is the visuals – either you have a Pikachu walking along with you on-screen, or you have an Eevee. That can make a difference, especially when you start out – but you’ll still be able to find and capture Pikachu and Eevee throughout Kanto, where you’re playing.

Do you need both Pokemon Let’s Go and Pokemon Go? No, but you’ll want them both. You can play both games on their own, but combined, they make a much more interactive experience. The same is true of the controller – that new Pokeball controller. You don’t need it, but it’s probably going to make the game more enjoyable if you have it.

• Press Conference Q and A

Below you’ll see the official Pokemon Company / Nintendo press conference held for this new Pokemon game. In the press conference, some odd questions are answered. It also give a good look at the first 22 years of Pokemon games. This also gives some more explanation of the power of Pokemon GO, and why it remains important.

Inside you’ll find the most long-winded (yet brief?) explanation of what’s on the way. If nothing else, this video of the press conference should get you HYPED UP about the launch. This also has information about a third game that’s already on Nintendo Switch that has no direct connection to these GO games.

• Should I start Pokemon GO Now?

If you’re not about to wait until November 16th to get in on the fun, you certainly should start playing Pokemon GO now! This game is an extension of the GO games on Nintendo Switch, and vice versa. These games live in basically the same universe. One benefits the other, and the other benefits this – back and forth. Now that summer’s started, you might as well get out and walk around, looking for virtual monsters anyway!

You can download Pokemon GO for iOS for iPhone on the iTunes App Store right now. You can also download the game Pokemon GO for Android for smartphones and tablets of all sorts on the Google Play app store right this minute. You’re going to get addicted if you aren’t already – don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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