Pokemon Legends Arceus serves up new gameplay trailer

This week we get a new peek at the open world Pokemon game Pokemon Legends: Arceus. This new game enters a new realm for Pokemon, taking place in the "long-gone era of Sinnoh." In the game, your quest – as it exists in our distant past – is to complete "the region's first Pokedex." This opens the doors to new games in other regions too, of course – this could be awesome!

The way this game works is slightly different from the Pokemon games you've likely played before. Instead of every battle happening turn-by-turn, some Pokemon have the ability to take more than one action at a time. Pokemon stats "and other factors" determine what happens in a battle.

There are also new classifications for Pokemon, including "Alphas" (big, powerful Pokemon with glowing red eyes), and styles: Agile Style and Strong Style. You'll have more options and pathways to victory in this game than (possibly) any Pokemon game before!

You'll also be able to use a "Celestica Flute." This instrument calls upon Pokemon that you can ride on the land, on the surface of the water, and fly through the sky. Take a peek at the gameplay trailer below to learn more about what it'll mean to take part in this next-generation adventure in the past!

To be clear, this game is different from what you'll find in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. That game is part of the main series of Pokemon games, while Pokemon Legends Arceus is part of a brand new series (so to speak).

This game will be released on January 28, 2022 around the world. At that time it'll likely be available for Nintendo Switch!